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Curriculum Wiki

Any suggestions or ideas for the Curriculum Wiki and Sample assignment would be greatly appreciated. It’s focusing on process essay writing for an adult ESL population.

Here is the link to the wiki:

and below is the sample product.

Thanks again!


3 thoughts on “Curriculum Wiki

  1. Hi! When I was viewing your story, I imagined I was an esol student. I think it was clear and easy to follow. For lower level students who speak less English, it may be a little hard to follow, but I think they would enjoy doing this type of project, instead of a typical essay. The prepare for an interview screen was kind of hard to read. Otherwise, I like that you kept to the typical essay format; three topics with supporting points. This should be an easy and fun project for your students to use for their assignment!

  2. Hi Camille,
    I hate writing essays so this would be a great way to do it. I enjoyed the example it was very clear, the examples and mini quizzes were great! The mini quizzes will keep the students understanding throughout the process. I wanted to make you aware of one tiny spacing error in your curriculum page, this is how it looks (contains avariety) go back and place the space between the a and variety. Overall I think you did a great job!!

    Tonga Ramseur

  3. I like your ideas. Slide #5 was a little hard to read. I wasn’t sure of what your objective was until I started looking at your curriculum page. It was a little much when it first opened. I do like all the links, though an idea might be to add pages to the wiki instead of having it all on one. Are you looking to add any music or voice-over?

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