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Summer ESL Lessons and Activities

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Summer is here! This season is a great time to introduce ESL students to various summertime activities, lessons, and vocabulary.  Below are some ideas you can use with your student this season.

Tutor Preparedness

The One Stop English Teacher Survival Kit provides a top ten list of budget items that teachers (or tutors) should carry with them. The article also gives some ideas and example on how to use these aids for effective tutoring.

Independence Day Activities

The 4th of July is an excellent opportunity to teach about American history, celebrations, and the meaning of the holiday. EL Civics provides a 4th of July Lesson Plan with ideas that can be used for groups or individual students.

ESL Holiday Lessons has several reading and writing worksheet activities focused on Independence Day. Additional activities can include watching this brief VOA- Celebrating 4th of July in America video and reviewing the meaning of the U.S. Flag.

Travel Activities

Travel is another common activity that takes place in the summer months.  A fun activity can be to help your student plan real or virtual summer vacations using travel websites. Students can create a personal itinerary and discuss or write about their plans. Larry Ferlazzo’s blog provides a list of The Best Sites Where Students Can Plan Virtual Trips. Here is a list of Travel Conversation Questions and some Conversation Questions for after a Vacation.

Summertime Vocabulary

Vocabulary building is an important step in the language development process. Using digital flashcards like Study Blue, introduce your student to common Summer Vocabulary and Water and Weather Idioms.

Museum Activities

Museum visits can be a unique tutoring opportunity.  If you are unable to go to a museum in person, several museums offer virtual visits. The Getty Museum has Adult ESL lesson plans and activities that can be completed online. Other museums that have virtual tours include the Smithsonian Museum of Natural HistoryRingling Museum of Art , and The Metropolitan Museum. Once your student has taken a tour, they can practice writing about it in a Postcard Activity.

Summertime Food

The summer is also a popular season for picnics and barbeques.  Discuss with your student about how they would plan and organize a (real or imaginary) picnic or barbeque. The student can create a Mind Map about the best location, weather, food, and beverages for the event.  Practice conversations about verbal invitations and review writing invitations with your student. Help your student discover some in-season dishes they would like to make and try these ESL Activities with recipes.

Enjoy your Summer!